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Want to know how WH Saunders and Frank Wareham Charity can help you?

We aim to answer all questions from both our applicants/residents and their families. Here are a few frequently asked questions …..
However, please do contact us if we have not covered something you would like to know.

Who can apply?

Those in need, hardship or distress and are resident in the area of benefit (Dorset) with a preference for those who are over 60 years of age. We allocate on level of need.

Is your waiting list linked to Bournemouth, Christchurch, & Poole Council (BCP)

No. We have our own waiting list. However, we can consider nominations from them.

How long is the wait for accommodation?

This can vary and could be months to a couple of years. It is dependent on availability and the applicants personal circumstances, priorities such as requiring a ground floor property, desired site and the amount of movement we have within our scheme.

How do I apply for an almshouse?

Either download the application form on the website or contact the office and ask for a copy to be sent to you.

What happens next after I have made an application for an almshouse?

Upon receipt of an application, you will be assessed, which is broadly based on your current living situation, needs and the Charity’s ability to appropriately, safely and constructively support you in our scheme. The Housing Manager will contact you either by phone or in writing to discuss this. Once an assessment has taken place and you meet the terms of the scheme, your application will be placed on a waiting list until a void has been identified. You will contacted when an almshouse becomes available to ensure you still wish to be considered and that your circumstances have not changed. The Trustees then consider all the suitable applications. You must contact the Housing Manager if you decide you no longer wish to stay on our waiting list.

Do you have a Warden that lives on site?

No. The properties are not Warden assisted. All residents must be able to live independently. There is an office on one of the sites.

Can I view the property before accepting?

Yes, the Housing Manager will discuss possible placement and viewing with you.

Are the properties furnished?


Why do you not call the housing charges rent?

We call the housing charges weekly maintenance contributions (WMC) and not rent because you will not be a tenant.

Can I keep my property and move into an almshouse?

No, the Charity does not expect to provide second homes and therefore expects any property to be sold and not rented out or made available to relatives.

Can I choose my own utility suppliers?


Can I have a pet?

No. We have a no pet policy.

I have a car, will I have an allocated parking space?

No, but there are limited car parking spaces for residents and visitors.

Do you have communal mobility scooter charging points?

No, but this is something the charity are reviewing at present.